Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sick in Scotland :(

Hello all! Things have been quite crazy on this side of the pond. I spent all of last week being sick. Nonetheless we had train tickets and a hotel booked for Scotland for Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I planned on meeting Brittany and two of her friends at their place at 10am. Well.. I woke up at 9:56. Since I knew we probably wouldn't have time to shower in Scotland I decided to jump in the shower, attempt to make myself look human and be on my way. I met them in town and luckily beat them there. When we got to the train station we noticed our train was running late and knew we were going to miss our connecting train. Luckily we found out our ticket was good for any connecting train and not for a specific time. It was an hour and half train to Edinburgh.. in first class! We had no idea, but were very excited to find out we had first class tickets. Then another 50 minutes to Glasgow. Even though we were staying in Edinburgh we wanted to see some of Glasgow so spent all day Saturday there. We sat down on our connecting train.. found out it was canceled because of mechanical problems and had to run to another track. When we finally arrived in Glasgow we grabbed lunch, went to a few museums and went to the University of Glasgow. It was so pretty and looked like Hogwarts! We had to take a train from Glasgow to Edinburgh at night so we could get to our hotel. We did this straight after dinner because we were so exhausted from walking around all day. We got on a 7-something train that said the first two cars were to Edinburgh. Well... we didn't end up in Edinburgh. We ended up at a random station that looked like the Ronkonkoma LIRR station.. okay it wasn't even a station.. it was a platform. We traveled an hour and a half to the middle of no where! So we got back on the train (another hour and a half back), got on the correct train and took a taxi to the hotel. At this point we were far too aggravated to be searching for a hotel after 10pm in Scotland.. so much for getting there early and getting to bed! We spent the next day not wanting to get out of bed, enjoying a continental breakfast and galavanting around Edinburgh. I was forced to go hiking in leather over the knee boots and still wasn't feeling well! However, I must say it was worth it because when we got to the top the view was gorgeous. After some shopping, nachos, a cashmere scarf purchase and waiting in the freezing train station for an hour we were on our way back home! It's so odd to go on the weekend trips because I can't wait to get home.. when this isn't even my real home. Despite the occasional drama or two we had a very fun weekend! On Friday.. we leave for Germany! Good thing the only think I know how to say is I love you.. Shall be interesting...


In Edinburgh.
In town in Glasgow.
At the top of our hike!

Climbed 134 steps for this view!

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