Monday, March 7, 2011

Two weekends in Newcastle!

Hi! It's been some time since I've updated on here. The last two weekends were spent out and about Newcastle so I wasn't so anxious to write about one of my trips. Last weekend I spent time with Britt since it was the last time we will both be in Newcastle for a weekend together until May! We went to a museum, went to the Tyneside markets and of course, went to dinner. This weekend I spent time with my British friends from my building. We really just spent our time going out to eat and hanging around.. mainly because I got sick again! Everyone who knows me well enough knows I do get sick quite frequently, but twice in 4 weeks is a bit much. I did invest in some Airborne before coming here, but it doesn't seem to be working so well for me. I hate the taste of "Zesty Orange" and it just doesn't seem to cure me. I'm hoping the medicine "Lemsip Max" does the trick (They have no American medicine here.. not even Advil!) This week I will be spending time catching up on work and getting ready for three very exciting weekends. It's always fun to have plans, but it was nice to have a two weekend break in between my travels. On Thursday evening I will be traveling via train to meet up with my parents in London. It's their first time in London (My mothers first time leaving the country) so I'm excited to see them and show them around. It's insane that I left home two months ago already. It feels like I've been around this town so long, yet it feels like I left Long Island just yesterday. The following weekend my friend Krissy from home will be visiting! I'm extra excited because I get to show her around Newcastle. (no one in my family wanted to make the trek all the way up North!) This is her first time out of the country and she received her passport a mere few weeks ago. Then last, but not least Brittany, myself and two fellow American girls will be flying to Ireland to go to the Taylor Swift concert! Shall all be exciting. Until then I plan on getting better and doing some work.

XX ( I now have turned slightly British.. they don't hug XO.. only kiss X )

Before going out!
From the top floor of the museum.
Around Newcastle!

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