Monday, March 28, 2011

Krissy visits "New England" & Taylor Swift in Ireland!

Hiya.. The past week has been madness here in Newcastle. Last Saturday at 8am I picked Krissy up on the airport. Krissy and I have been friends since we were 5 so it was only fitting she came to England on a little vaca while I'm abroad. I felt bad that her first trip to the UK was going to be to Northern England and not London so I made sure to show her as much here as possible. Saturday we just spent the day relaxing, playing video games with the British boys and drinking wine. On Sunday, I took her to the markets by the Tyne river. We got the best burritos and just walked around. At night, we went to Brittany's for her pre birthday extravaganza and then went on a club crawl. Since Krissy can't legally go out and party in America, I was excited to show her Newcastle's nightlife. Since I had class during the week, Krissy got to spend her mornings sleeping in and of course, meeting my cleaner. Did I ever mention my room gets cleaned once a week? If I was ever going to go live in a college dorm England was the perfect place for it.. We spent the rest of the week walking around Newcastle (because the weather was gorgeous every single day she was here), getting meals and going shopping. On her last full day in Newcastle I took Krissy to the coast. It's a 30 minute metro ride away and I've never been so I was excited to go. We had such a nice day and ate fish and chips. It was good while we ate it, but since we hadn't eaten anything else all day we felt sick on the train ride home! Myself and two of the British boys walked Krissy to the metro early Thursday morning and sent her back on her way to New York. On Thursday, I only had one class because many of the lecturers were on strike because of pay and pension cuts.. so that was interesting.

On Friday, I woke up at 6am to leave for Belfast, Ireland! I met Brittany and two other American girls Sheila and Kate at the metro at 6:40. We got nervous because the first train wasn't until 20 minutes after we arrived, but we made it to the airport fine for our 8:40 flight. We then realized that our flight was delayed.. and kept being delayed until we departed at 10:30. The delay was fine since we had nothing planned for the day until 6:30pm .. the Taylor Swift concert! Plus we all got £5 vouchers to spend on food in the airport. I hate flying, but this flight was literally only 30 minutes in the air so all was well. We went to our hostel and walked around Belfast a little, going in a huge mall and getting dinner before the concert began. All our seats were separate, but we still all had a good time. The next day we slept in late and wandered more around Belfast. There isn't much to do there, but we did find out that the Titanic was built there. We went to a museum, laid in the sun for hours and went to a burrito place that was just like chipotle. We went to bed semi early because we had to move the clocks forward and check out of the hostel at 10:30. We spent the majority of Sunday at St. Georges Market where we got lunch on Saturday. The people at the burger stand recognized me and Britt from the day before and talked to us about Newcastle. We stuffed our faces and went on to the bus station to head to the airport. When boarding our plane I find out we are taking a tiny plane with propellers home to Newcastle. Almost cried walking up the steps to the plane (which were like a step-stool), but took my seat in the last row and held Britt's hand for the 20 minutes we were in the air. We had a fun weekend with a lot of girl bonding, a little Taylor Swift and a couple of nice Irish people. Sad to say this was my last weekend trip, but will be traveling in April to Spain and Italy and meeting up with my sisters in London!


Belfast, Ireland
The Big Fish!
Taylor Swift.

At the coast w/ Krissy.

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