Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sorry.. just been traveling around Europe!

I apologize for this VERY delayed blog post. During the first week in April I set off on my 3 week Easter Break. I took this opportunity to spend 5 days at my British boyfriend Steven's house (don't ask), a week in London & a day in Paris with my two older sisters, 4 days in Barcelona, Spain and 4 days in Milan, Italy. I returned back from all this adventuring to the madness of the Royal wedding in London, but quickly got the next train out to Newcastle. It was all far too fun.. Now, it is time to finish out the semester. I have 3 essays totaling 2,000 , 2.500 and 3,000 words each all due next week. I'm halfway done with all of them! However, instead of procrastinating more by writing about all my adventures, I'm going to save this post for when they are all completed. It's insane to me that in 25 days I will be on my flight back to New York after nearly 5 months away. Here are a few images to tide you over until continue blogging...


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