Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flight back home to NY tomorrow. Final Post..

I've spent my last 2 weeks in Newcastle relaxing and exploring the city since when I head back to Long Island reality sets in immediately. Tomorrow, my day will begin at 11am where I will set off for the metro. After a 20 minute train ride I will arrive at my first airport, Newcastle International. This is one of the scarier moments of the day because I will be told if either of my suitcases are overweight! I gave away a lot of clothing and threw out a bunch of stuff yet they still feel heavy! I'm taking an hour flight to Heathrow and then have 2 hours to rush around and get to my next flight. This consists of - getting off the plane, getting my suitcases, taking a tram to a different terminal, checking-in, going through security and getting to my gate. I've done it once before so I have faith I'll be able to do it again. Let's just pray my first flight isn't delayed... Once at my next flight I have 7 hours and 55 minutes until I land in New York and then a 45 minute drive home! 14 hours of travel.. yikes...

It has been the most fabulous, exciting, rewarding and craziest 5 months of my life. If anyone has the chance to study abroad I highly recommend they go for it. I want to personally thank Stony Brook & Northumbria University for allowing me this opportunity.


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