Thursday, January 13, 2011


If anyone plans on traveling to England soon (which I know a few of you are) here are some things you need to know:
1. The elevator is called the lift.
2. Cheers (one of my favorites) can be used to say thank you or see you later.
3. Don't use the word garbage because no one knows what that is. It's "Rubbish"
4. You have to ask for the check at a restaurant.
5. The drinking age is 18.

I forgot to mention the other day that when I went to pick up my cell phone they assumed I was an American student studying medicine. I set the record straight and told them that I was LOOKING for a male student studying medicine. A british husband that is also a doctor doesn't sound too bad. I told them that I had studied fashion back at home so of course they asked me which of them was dressed the best.

Britt took me back to the grocery store Tesco to buy a few more things. I keep forgetting about the exchange rate and bought a can of hairspray for ₤4.70 aka $7.50. Quite pricey so I'm trying to regulate the amount of spritzing I do. We stumbled upon the wine aisle and I said that we should buy some that comes with the cork screw. However that wasn't a cork screw it was a security device..

Today I had an eventful day filled with a fire drill, taking out the rubbish and going to dinner. I was just beginning to relax after sitting at my desk all morning trying to figure out my class schedule. I sat down on my bed with my iPad and immediately the fire alarm goes off. I had a minor heart attack because I didn't know where to go. Luckily it didn't last long and my iPad was still safely on my bed (I was panic stricken when the alarm started going off and I forgot to lock my door Whoops! No one tell my mom I did that because she'll yell at me!) We went to an italian dinner @ 6:30. I always assume people are going to know what I'm talking about, but when I said I'd like a Coke the waiter was awfully confused. The proper term to say would be "a glass of Coke". Good thing Brittany has been out to dinner before because we would have been there all night waiting for the check. You have to ASK for it. Back to my leisurely life.. Cheers!


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