Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 1/11 Complete.. Almost

Ello! My first week of classes is almost complete! I figured while I'm in between classes I might as well post. My classes have all been quite easy and very different from American classes so far. I'm in 3 classes - each have 2 lectures a week and 1 seminar (2o people from the lecture) that are each an hour long. So far I've never actually had to stay a full hour for a class (one lecture we got out after 30 minutes!) The only real similarity to Stony Brook is that the lectures are filled with about 150 students each which I'm used to between that and 500 students at home. Seminars have been funny because all the lecturers are interested in hearing about how businesses/marketing works in the US. I learned today that Dasani water isn't carried here anymore because they found out it was tap water in a bottle and tv show's and adverts aren't allowed to have product placement in their shows. (They didn't know that the judges on American Idol have Coke cups on the judging table) So class so far has been a success. I feel like I should be doing some sort of work, but none has been assigned. There is only one assignment that is due in May for each class :)

I received a package from my Mom yesterday. I made her send me American Kit Kat's because the ones they sell here are atrocious. She also sent other unnecessary items like towels and Bandaids. Somehow someone's defensive driving workbook got in there too and traveled 4,000 miles to me.. Really necessary.. Thanks Mom!

This weekend should be fun.. (No birdcages will be danced in) Brittany will finally be done with finals so we plan on going to dinner and going out a few nights. We just found out that it's the first ever restaurant week here. (Shout out to Jason.. You would be so proud) So we plan on going somewhere Saturday and getting 2 courses for ₤10. Unfortunately though, we will be retreating back to our dorms after and not staying at a Ritz Carlton on Jason's dime. After this weekend I have 3 full weekends of travel.. London, Scotland & Germany. Should be fun!


New Business Building where all my classes are.
Gross, British Kit Kat.
First rainy day! Luckily received my rain boots from home today!

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