Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Studying of Study Abroad Begins..

Hello! I've been getting quite a few complaints that I haven't posted recently since here it goes! A lot has been going on the last week and classes start tomorrow. I've gotten so used to filling my days with going out to lunch, shopping and going down for dinner with everyone from our hall that I've forgotten that we actually have to go to class here. I will be spending way less time in the classroom here then at home (3 days of classes, 2/3 hours a day) so shouldn't be too bad. I have to, however, get up at 8 am tomorrow. Today I went and bought notebooks, probably something I should have brought from home. It cost me $10 for two notebooks! I wanted to get a milkshake because all the usual candy bars here like Kit kat's and Twix taste differently, but they were closed including a majority of the shops here. It's hard to get used to stores closing at 6 or 8pm during the week and being closed on Sunday's.

A lot happened this week so I can't remember specifics! Brittany and I went for Sushi one day and cooked dinner on Saturday since my food plan only gives us lunch on the weekends. We made tacos and baked potatoes and were SO happy. It was nice to have some normal, American-type food. I miss things like that - Taco bell, Applebees, My family.. I suppose. (Just kidding! :) )

I'm starting to get used to the lingo here: rubbish, lift, clicking (cracking your fingers), queries (questions), but I still can't get over everyones accents. I constantly make my neighbors say different words. My new favorite is Harry Potter! They get slightly annoyed by it, but then they make me say door, dog, talk, New York and laugh hysterically. We all get along very well.

I guess I should get some rest before I start classes tomorrow! I will post again sometime this week to let you all know how it is going!


PS. Here are some pictures from this week..

The cutest hotel located by Newcastle University (above).
The view from the top floor of my dorm, Claude Gibb (above).
A statue Brittany and I found outside the Sushi restaurant (above).
The "town wall" (above).


  1. For all you kids that read this remember STAY IN SCHOOL

    If you do decide to stude abroad, remember bring your notebooks,and more importantly, bring some candy bars.

  2. Thank you dodgerboy1953 for your comments! I'm glad you are learning life lessons from my blog. Cheers!