Friday, January 7, 2011

Goodbye New York, Hello Newcastle!

Hello Everyone & Welcome! First and foremost I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kimberli and I'm a Junior at Stony Brook University. In exactly 3 days I will be boarding a plane to England and becoming a student at Northumbria University. It still hasn't completely hit me that I'm leaving and probably won't until my parents drop me off at JFK. This is my first time overseas and my first time flying by myself (Did I mention I hate planes?) I'm very excited and anxious to get there, but will be more excited after the 7 hour flight! I'm not very nervous about being in a different country because my best friend Brittany will be just a few blocks away. My trip is from January 10 to May 30 which is a little bit longer then all my other friends who are studying abroad. I'm OK with it though because it gives me more time to travel. I already have plans to go to Ireland and Italy in March.

I received my schedule yesterday. I'm only enrolled in 3 classes because their classes are worth more credits each than ours. I only have classes Monday, Tuesday & Thursday's. I'm so used to taking 5 classes, 4 days a week so this will be a nice change. I look forward to spending my time abroad and hope that you will continue to read and experience it with me!


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