Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Mum Not Mom!

Ello! (I'm getting more British by the day) Since I learn so much each day I figured I would just keep an ongoing British-isms/ fun facts list:
6. A jump rope is referred to as a "skipping rope".
7. Some of the students here watch Jersey Shore.
8. Starbucks charges a luxury tax if you choose to stay in to drink/eat.
9. A line is called a "queue".
10. Every student I have asked is 18 years old.
11. Everyone makes fun of my accent! They always ask me to say dog, coffee, New York etc..

Things are starting to become slightly crazy here. When I first got here and started posting I was basically the only one in my hall. Now 5 other people have moved in. Everyone that lives near me has been very nice. They knock on my door when they're going down for meals so I can join them. Most people started classes today. Lucky for me I don't start until next Monday because I go to the business school. I've learned the education system here is quite confusing. I have about 5 teachers for each class and go at different times and to different rooms throughout the week. I am anxious to get started and see how classes are. Once classes start I know it's going to go quickly because it's only 12 weeks! Tomorrow will be one week since I've been here! It went so quickly and I've already seen/learned so much. We plan on going out tomorrow for the first time so it should be fun. I'm trying to get everything prepared for classes before they begin so we'll see how well that works out in the coming days. Will post again soon!


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